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Telephone: (315) 629-0908

Let Monarch capture the stages of your child’s life!

Every age is a challenge, and we will do our best to capture your every portrait need. It is important to book your appointment during your child's best time of the day, or shortly after a nap or a meal. Patience is of the essence when working with children. Sometimes less is more. Avoid bringing tons of distractive props. However, please feel free to bring anything you would like to have included with your child.

We now have the large numbers that we can incorporate in your child’s photographs. This is a great way to mark the years, as they grow!

Sitting fee is $75 for up to four children. If you have more than four children, slightly higher fees will apply.
Your sitting fee includes a spiral-bound proof book; which is yours to keep.

Our current price list for reprints is located on our homepage!

Studio hours are by appointment only.

Original work remains the property of Monarch Photography.