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Start your wall of memories with Monarch, and book your maternity portrait session when you are approximately 32 - 35 weeks along. We offer personable services and would definitely like to incorporate the dad-to-be or other children in your family to be a part of this! Being pregnant only happens for short periods of time in your life, so be sure to capture this memory!

Be sure to bring along your husband or significant other’s oversized white button-up dress shirt, so we can expose your belly comfortably, without showing too much! Feel free to bring any of your own props that you would like to have incorporated in your portraits (Example: baby’s first toy; the outfit you think your baby will be wearing home from the hospital; and your ultrasound picture!)


We also specialize in newborn portraits! Newborn portrait appointments generally take 1 to 2 hours, and should be booked within 14 days of your baby's birth. We add a personal touch by adding Mom and/or Dad in your newborn baby portraits. It is important to be patient with newborn portraits, so we will take all the time needed for feedings and quiet time, if needed.

Recommendations for clothing would be your favorite baby outfit, a diaper and your baby's favorite, soft blanket. It is important not to dress your baby in busy patterns, as you don't want to take away from the main subject of your portrait. Avoid dresses or shirts with collars, as with newborns, they sometimes get in the way.

We have a wide variety of baby props that can be included in your portraits, but please feel free to bring anything that is special to you or your family that you would like to have in their photos!

Sitting fee for the first hour is $75. Time over one hour is $25 per half hour. All newborn portrait sitting fees include a spiral-bound proof book; which is yours to keep.

Our current price list for reprints is located on our homepage!

Studio hours are by appointment only.

Original work remains the property of Monarch Photography.