25670 Beckwith Road Evans Mills, NY 13637

Telephone: (315) 629-0908

Trust in Monarch Photography to capture your wedding day with memories that will last a lifetime!

Offering professional and dependable photography services for your wedding day, please know that this is not “just a job” for me. I absolutely love what I do, and I try to make it as personable as possible! We take pride in our work and will strive to meet your every portrait need on your wedding day!

We specialize in wedding photography in the Thousand Islands and Alexandria Bay, NY area, including Boldt Castle on Heart Island and at Singer Castle on Dark Island. Please know that we are not limited to this area only, and that we are willing to travel anywhere to capture your special day!

All wedding contracts include a 4 x 6 wedding album and a high resolution CD of the images in your album. This means that you will OWN THE RIGHTS TO YOUR WEDDING DAY! By owning the rights, you can reprint and enlarge your wedding photographs at your convenience!

Pricing is determined by the number of people in your wedding party, including ring bearer(s) and flower girl(s). The more people you have in your wedding party, the more photographs we will take throughout the course of a day.

We have a six-hour and a three-hour contract to choose from. Generally, the six-hour contract is for those who are looking to have both their wedding and reception captured. The three-hour contract is for those who are looking for wedding ceremony only.

To guarantee our services for your specific wedding day, we require a signed contract and a non-refundable deposit of $150. The balance, after deposit, is due one week prior to your wedding day. There is an additional $100 fee if your wedding falls on a major holiday weekend. All contracts include NYS Sales Tax. There is a $30 returned check charge.

All prices are subject to change unless you have a signed contract. Studio liability is limited to a refund of your deposit.

We also offer a store link to your wedding photographs, where your family and guests can view and/or purchase your wedding photographs directly from our website. This makes it hassle free for your family to obtain the copies they want from your special day.

We would be honored to discuss your upcoming wedding date and venue with you! Please call us today at 315-629-0908 or email at monarchphotography@yahoo.com!